Listing Policy

Companies are responsible for listing all sales on the Site. Sales must include a title, complete address (exceptions include gated community and other areas that prohibit public advertising), date for address to show, all dates and times of sale, descriptions and pictures if applicable. Sales must be listed 48 hours prior to sale start time to be eligible for e-mail service. is not responsible for missed e-mails and cannot send additional e-mails for Companies missing the deadline. Companies are responsible for checking the mapping feature to make sure Members and Visitors are sent to the correct location. does not check addresses and does not guarantee accuracy of mapping services.

  1. No third party links are allowed on sale pages. Only links pertaining to Company’s web site or home page are allowed on sale pages. No links are allowed on sale or company pages other than those provided by
  2. Sale listings are for a maximum four (4) consecutive day duration with the exception of Online Only Auctions which can have a maximum of twenty-one (21) day duration. Sales may only be moved a maximum of thirty (30) days from original listing dates. Sales may be moved for cause, (e.g. house sells, bad weather, etc.). If deems a Company is using the site to keep a perpetual sale on the Site for ranking or visibility purposes, will issue a warning and remove the sale listing with no refund allowed.
  3. Companies must pay for featured sale status (Locally, Regionally, and Nationally) at time of sale listing for the week(s) chosen. Featured spots are non-transferable (if a sale is moved, the feature status does not follow the move) and is non-refundable. Feature option should be used for those sales that warrant the added exposure.
  4. Sales must have an address in order to be featured. Companies may not feature more than one sale per week in a given area. In addition, sales at the same address may only be featured once every 30 days.
  5. Companies must list sales in the appropriate category (e.g. Estate Sales, Auctions, Moving Sales, Business Liquidations, etc). will relocate sales listed out of category and remove all of that Company’s sales for repeated misuse. reserves the right to remove sales it deems inappropriate for the site.
  6. Listings on Company City pages are done alphabetically by plan (Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Basic), with the exception that Companies showing the name in a city other than their home city will fall below all other Companies in the same plan in which the city is their home city.
  7. Companies must list sales on the site 48 hours before start date and time to be eligible for e-mail notice services. E-Mails are sent out to Members by default the day before sales are due to start in a given city. Members have options of when they want to receive their e-mails outside of this default option.
  8. Pictures must be of actual items for sale (no stock photos).
  9. Pictures may be removed by if they are deemed inappropriate or too controversial for the web site (Centerfold pictures, Nazi Swastika, etc)
  10. All e-mail addresses uploaded by a Company will be e-mailed to verify the existence of the e-mail address and given the option to sign up for the full notification service.
  11. Company Names. Upon request Companies must supply via fax to (1.931.525.1250) a copy of the legally registered Company name (e.g. Business License, Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Organization, or Registration of Fictitious name with the Secretary of State’s office). Company names used on must be the same name the Company uses in all its other advertising including but not limited to Yellow Pages, Newsprint advertising and Internet. If the Company’s name in other advertising sources is not consistent with the one presented for use on the Site, reserves the right, at our option, to change the Company’s name on the Site to be consistent or to suspend the Company’s use of the Site until it complies.
  12. Non-Payment Of Clients: reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove companies that are found to not pay their clients.

TYPES OF SALES ON SITE reserves the right to remove a sale or prevent a sale from being listed if we deem it to not be a good fit for the site. The following types of sales are the types of sales that SHOULD be listed on the site:

  1. An estate or tag sale held inside a private home
  2. An estate or tag sale that has been moved to an offsite location because the sale CANNOT be held at the estate location (gated community, etc) (sale cannot be listed multiple times for the same estate contents)
  3. An auction held for an estate AT the estate location
  4. An auction held at a common location that contains different items from the previous auction (at least 80% of the items are different)
  5. An online only sale or auction for the purpose of liquidating an estate IF physical preview and local pickup are available for most items
  6. A moving/downsizing/divorce sale held inside a private home (we consider this to just be a small estate sale usually where not all of the items are for sale)
  7. A business liquidation sale held inside a business that is closing within the next 15 days

The following are some types of sales that SHOULD NOT be listed on the site:

  1. Garage sales, yard sales, barn or any other type of sale that is held outside.
  2. Flea Market Sales
  3. Sales that have been listed before and have many of the same items that were listed previously
  4. Antique mall, second-hand, consignment, and other store types of sales
  5. Dealer Sales
  6. An online only sale or auction containing less than 25 items
  7. Single item type sales (car auctions, boat auctions, etc)
  8. Sales made up of items donated by several different sources (Rummage Sales)
  9. No “place holder” sales (sales must have an address unless they are by appointment or online only auctions)